R-Go Ergonomic Mouse for Comfort

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ergonomic mouse

If you spend hours on end on your desk, you need to ensure that you are in the most comfortable position. Unfortunately, the standard computer input devices such as mouse and keyboard are not ergonomic enough to offer the required support. Fortunately, you can go for an ergonomic mouse that provides support to your wrist, allowing you to work comfortably for an extended period. It helps avoid stressing muscles on your thumb wrist joint up the elbow impacted by heavy mouse use. This way, blood circulates more freely as you move the entire hand rather than the wrist.

ergonomic mouse

Mouse Tailored to Your Needs

The ergonomic mouse is built to your needs. There are three types of mice, depending on your usage needs. With a HE mouse, you enjoy customisable buttons, unique ergonomic design and different sizes of left and right buttons. On the other hand, the HE Break contains all of the above with an inclusion of a pause indicator and different button placements. Finally, you can go with the HE Sport, a Bluetooth mouse with customizable buttons, ergonomic shape and unique design. Each of the three types of mice has various versions to meet your specific user requirements. They are durable and come in vibrant colours.